King of the Swingers T-Shirt (Black)


Make history by purchasing the first ever run of official Offbeat T-shirts!

This shirt features the artwork from the cover of my EP ‘King of the Swingers’ with characters designed by the ultra talented Alex Moore.

Be the inspiration of your friends, the envy of your enemies and the object of desire of the opposite sex in this one of a kind, ultra-fashionable T-shirt from Offbeat.

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Product Description

Manufactured using 100% ringspun cotton with a weight of 165gms, the slimmer ‘Euro Fit’ of this t-shirt gives it a tailored effect, so be mindful of this when selecting your size.

Sizing Info:

Small: 34-36in chest
Medium: 38-40in chest
Large: 42-44in chest
XL: 46-48in chest
XXL: 50-52in chest