The Whole Shebang!



  • Just can’t get enough Offbeat in your life?
  • Do you want to read “Prohibition!” whilst listening to King of the Swingers 1 & 2 AND wearing the official T-Shirt?
  • Want to get all of this high quality merch in one sweet, sweet bundle AND save money at the same time?

Now you can!

‘The Whole Shebang’ package includes all of the items from the first run of official merchandise and include:

  • Signed copies of King of the Swingers 1 & 2 EPs
  • Digital copies of King of the Swingers 1 & 2 EPs (with WAVs, MP3s and Artwork)
  • Digital copy of Instrumentals Vol 1
  • King of the Swingers T-shirt
  • Signed Prohibition! Comic
  • Digital copy of Prohibtion! Comic

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Product Description

King of the Swingers 1 & 2 (Signed) CD Details

All eight tracks on 2x CDs
Produced by Calum Matheson
Presented in 4-Panel Digipaks
Artwork by Alex Moore
Signed by Offbeat

King of the Swingers 1 & 2 Digital Version Details

Instant access to Downloads
8x high quality WAVs
8x high quality MP3s
HD copies of front and back cover art

Instrumentals Vol 1

Instant access to Downloads
16x high quality WAVs
16x high quality MP3s
HD copies of front cover art

T-Shirt Details:

Printed on 100% Cotton

Sizing Info:

Small: 34-36in chest
Medium: 38-40in chest
Large: 42-44in chest
XL: 46-48in chest
XXL: 50-52in chest

Comic Details

Artwork by Tom Barton
Printed on 150gsm Silk Paper
Signed by Offbeat

Digital Comic Details

High quality artwork loving recreated in handcrafted PDF