Swing in Spring (with Wolfgang Lohr)

Verse 1 We just came out of the hardest seasonThe last three months have been dark and freezingAll I’ve wanted to do is hide awayBecause I swear humans are supposed to hibernate“But Offbeat what about New Years Eve?”Well I guess that’s the one night I’m willing to leaveAnd pro-ceed to Party Like It’s the 20sThen […]

Very Nice People (with Wolfgang Lohr and DJ Mibor)

Verse 1 You roll up to the club in a stretched out limousineDesigner clothes, tight shirt and skinny jeansHaircut even you can’t take seriouslyBut everybody in there knows you’re a V.I.PSitting in the booth like a man of staturePosing and pouting in front of the camerasSpending a grand on a bottle of champersYou coulda bought […]

I Need Sleep (with Balduin)

Intro Ugh. Here we go again… Verse 1 I wake up and I’m feeling exhaustedWent to bed at like 3 in the morningStayed awake just staring at my phoneShoulda put it down but couldn’t leave it aloneWasn’t even looking at anything decentJust scrolling aimlessly for no reasonI know I’ve only got myself to blameThe worst […]

Catmandu (with Catjam)

Verse 1 Coming out my corner all guns blazingFoot in the door now I’m forcing my way inCause an affray when I walk on the stageThe performer that’s got Richard Dawkins prayingSources are saying you’re onto a winnerCat Jam and Offbeat, King of the SwingersSoon as we play we get grown men screamingLike they just […]