Sellf Help

Verse 1: Greetings my friend, do you feel stressed? Are you stuck in a job that you hate, do you wanna be rich and taste success? Do you wanna lose weight? Do you wanna feel sexy? Or maybe there’s something you can’t put your finger on but it still makes you feel empty? Whatever the […]

Long Way To Go

I remember as a kid at school, getting ridiculed for being overweight I didn’t wanna get in swimming pools coz I was too ashamed to expose my frame Back then I’d deliberately forget to bring my kit with me to PE And who’dya think was the last man standing, whenever it came to getting picked […]

Friends Like These

Verse 1: If you see me when I’m with my best mates, You might wonder if we’re even friends Coz all we do is argue, trade insults, and make jokes at one another’s expense But we don’t mean to cause offence, even though that might be the appearance It’s just the way that we are […]

Swingers’ Party

Verse 1 I finish work late on a Friday When my phone vibrates with a text from my mate He’s like “Safe, it’s the weekend, what you up to?” I replied “Not much”, “Well there’s a night that you should come to” It’s a new thing that I’ve only just discovered Where everybody goes to […]