Verse 1 People always criticise schools it seems Saying they don’t equip kids with the tools they need But personally I think that’s ridiculous Coz I learned loads it’s just none of it was on the curriculum On my very first day I got a lesson in textiles If you wore the wrong ones – […]

Win Some Lose Some

Verse 1 Stepping in the club and I’m sober as a judge I hit the bar to get a little courage from the Dutch I’m waiting to get served and I’m nearly at the front But there’s always some chump who wants to push and shove Leaning on the counter and taking up all the […]

Day Job

Verse 1 People used to say I’ve got a problem with authority But it was only jobsworth bosses that used to bother me Sad little losers tryna act important Who if they weren’t doing that would probably be traffic wardens I couldn’t stand them or the office busybodies Who’d get snotty over money in the […]


Verse 1 I was walking one morning when I heard somebody yelling And saw a kid with some newspapers he was selling Now ordinarily I would have paid him no attention But the story in question was especially compelling I rummaged round until I found some change that I flicked him Picked up a copy […]