15 Minutes

Verse 1 You’re just a regular girl, in a regular job Serving regular customers in a regular shop On the surface you seem fine but inside you think Deep down “There’s got to be more to life than this” And there is – you could be anything that you please And you don’t need skill, […]

Just Clicked

Vese 1: I never thought that I’d resort to using a computer To try and find love – coz that stuff’s just for losers But there must be others like me who simply work a lot And are too busy to meet people, so I guess it’s worth a shot OK let’s pick a username […]

Never Learn

Verse 1 Woke up this morning – I was led on the sofa Didn’t know where I was – like I’d been in a coma Body all twisted in a position as if I’d been studying yoga And still fully clothed from head to toe as though I’d just won at strip poker And it […]


Verse 1 Hello there and welcome, I’m glad that you could make it On this trip to one of Britain’s deadliest places Now keep your wits about you in this strange and distant land As we go on a search to find the great British Lad A couple housekeeping tips I quickly need to mention […]