Real Women

Intro: This ones for the ladies Now I know what you’re thinking But it’s not like that So before you jump to conclusions Hear me out… Verse 1: The song that you’re about to hear is dedicated To the ladies to show you how much you’re appreciated But just so you know which ladies I […]

Liar Liar

Chorus x2: All this money you see, all the funds and the riches All the jewellery, all the honeys and women It’s just a fantasy, coz it’s all for the image But the reality, is a little bit different Verse 1: I’m that rapper who’s name you know, coz my song gets played on the […]

Second Chance

Intro: Alright listen up yeah coz I’ve got something to say You know when you’re out and you see someone you like the look of But you’re just too scared to go a chat to them? We’ve all been there I just want you to know, whether you’re a guy or girl I feel your […]

90’s Kid

Intro: Yo, I’m tired of all these Noughties Kids man… Claiming to be 90s Kids Like just coz you were born in the 90s, doesn’t make you a 90s Kid I’m a 90s Kid. I know what it was like. You weren’t there man… YOU WEREN’T THERE! Verse 2: I’m not a 90s baby or […]