I Think My Girlfriend Is A Serial Killer!

Verse 1 My girl is one of the nicest people you’re ever likely to meetEverybody’s in agreement she’s kindhearted and sweetAt least that how it seems on the surface, but recently I’ve learnedSome things about her which I find deeply disturbingShe’s addicted to shows about serial killersEverybody from Jeffrey Dahrmer to Jack the RipperI’m tryna […]

Mr Hustle

Intro: Hustle hustle hard, hustle hard, hustle hustle hardHustle hustle hard, hustle hard, hustle hustle hardHustle hustle hard, hustle hard, hustle hustle hardHustle hustle hard, hustle hard… Verse 1: Rise and grind, seize the day, punch it in the freaking face5am Club? Piece of cake. I’m up at 4 – you’re sleeping lateI can do […]

Fuck You 2020

2020… We need to talk… This isn’t working out… Verse 1 You started out with so much promise when we met you on the Jan the 1stAnd sure we’ve had some rough years before, but hands down you’re the worstI can’t believe that I had the nerve to think that 2019 was badCoz compared to […]


Verse 1 I wake up one morning after a heavy night outDunno the time so grab my phone to find outI know that I’ve been sleeping in a deep stateBut even I’m surprised to find out that it’s been 3 days!Switch the news on and I’m shocked by what I seeA virus has hit – […]

Anxious People

Verse 1 I leave my house early in a hazy blur Jump into my car now I’m driving on my way to work I’m nearly there, when I feel a sense of dread As these thoughts of despair start to creep into my head Like “Did I lock the front door?” I must have done […]


Chorus: Pain: My name’s Pain Pleasure: And my name’s Pleasure Pain: We hate each other but we go hand in hand together Pleasure: Total opposites even though we’re twin brothers Pain: But you can’t have one of us without the other Pleasure: My name’s Pleasure Pain: And my name’s Pain Pleasure: Two different sides of […]

Loved Up

Verse 1 It all started with a simple status I was online when I saw my mate update his To “Feeling blessed” with a smiley face Which aroused my suspicions right away Now, I know that you’re probably questioning why? But he’s the moodiest dude you’ve ever met in your life I mean, this guy […]

Weekend Living

Verse 1 Friday night, clock strikes five It’s been a long week but it’s finally arrived Time for a chilled one in with some wine A film and a Chinese… Ha, yeah right Rise to my feet and leave for the day Call my people and tell them to meet at my place Eating is […]

Hold On

Verse 1 I got this email in my inbox early one Monday morning Asking me if I was free and available for performing When I saw where I could barely contain my glee “The Isle of Wight Festival”? I was like “Yes please” We get our set time and it’s 4:45 But 2 hours before […]