Party Like It’s 1920 (with Wolfgang Lohr)

Intro: YeahC’mon, c’mon…Ha ha… Verse 1 (Offbeat): We’ve been waiting for this decade for a hundred yearsBut now the 2020s are finally hereAnd while my, vision is clear my mission is clearerTo bring back the Jazz and Swing eraFellas I wanna see you dressing better than everAnd girls, put on your pearls and your tassels […]

Tea Total (ft Professor Elemental)

Intro Cop: Wha’s going on here Elemental?Prof: Just the opening of a new teashop officerCop: I know there’s monkey business going on ‘ereProf: He’s an ape actually. And a damn fine waitress. Care for one of his creamy scones? Or an afternoon tea?Cop: I don’ buy it Elemental… I know you’re up to some’in’ and […]