Intro: Now pay attention and listen real closely, how we break this slang thing down… Verse 1 (Offbeat): Yo check it, my moonshine is my spiritA Blind Tiger or Pig isA bar which is illicitAnd no I don’t mean a lyric that has bannedOn the run is the lamMoney is clams and grummy is sadAlso […]

Feelin’ Good

Verse 1: Wake up early and the birds are tweeting Now normally I’d return to sleep and Wouldn’t even dream of leaving my bed And would need to be dragged out kicking and screaming But for some reason today is different I don’t know why but I feel energised Ideas fly into my mind So […]

Swing Hop (Bigger Than)

Verse 1: (Offbeat) One thing about music is it can’t be pigeon-holed Whether it’s brand new or old There’s more than one era that’s gold And we’re combining em 2 genres decades apart but we’re uniting ‘em Then we mix ‘em together to make something better Even Dead Prez ain’t denying it But I didn’t […]


Yeah Swingers, we’re still messing with ya Uh aiyyo it’s Off the Beat Sharleena and the P-Y-E Got Awesome Wells here with me Still doing that huh Pye? Oh fo’ sho’ Yeah, check me out… Verse 1 It’s Still Dre Swingers, but wait Swingers Before you start complaining and claiming that this is sacred This […]

Minnie’s Revenge

Verse 1 (Offbeat): Well folks let me tell you bout a dame who’s name was Minnie I met her in a bar while I was sipping on whisky Never had I seen such a good looking chick In a red dress with legs that simply wouldn’t quit I approached and said “Excuse me Miss But […]