Swing Swing Swing

Intro We interrupt this broadcast to bring you some breaking news – The Swinghoppers are on the loose! If you see them, do not approach them. They’re known to be armed and extremely dangerous! Chorus: x2 Swing Swing Swing SwingEverybody start to SwingLa-di-da, whoa-oh-ohThat’s the way that the Hoppers roll Verse 1 Offbeat: Well it’s […]

S Gon’ Give It To Ya

Intro (Offbeat/The Swingpin): Now don’t get it twisted…This Swing Hop thing… is ours!Forget what you heard! It’s what ya hearin’ (Listen)It’s what ya hearin’ (Listen)It’s what ya hearin’ (Listen)It’s what ya hearin’ (Listen)It’s what ya hearin’ (Listen) Yo! First we gonna SWING then we gonna HOPThen we going straight to the TOP TOP TOPS gon’ […]

Big Spender

Chorus (Sharleena Ray): Hey big spenders, I’m sure you know, I don’t, need your charityBut I would love to know what exactly, you would do for meA little birdy told me you’ve both been askin’, about things in which I might delightSo come on boys, try tickle my fancy, let’s see which of you wets […]