Golden Era

Verse 1 I’m 99 years old and I’m lying in my bed aloneHanging by a thread, getting ready to be letting goDeath’s already taken everyone I’ve ever knownHe’s coming for me next and I can sense that he’s very closeMy mind transports me back to my early lifeWhen I was thirties and was certain I […]

More of the Same (Same Old 2)

Verse 1 I left home at the age of 19And moved to the city to follow my dreamsIt wasn’t the capital, but was way biggerThan where I came from that drained people of vigourI figured I’d work as a Graphic DesignerTil I blew up as a rapper and rhymerBut finding a job was harder than […]

A Little Off The Top

Verse 1: It’s date night, but I’m running late so I’m quite stressedPlus I need a trim coz my hair is right messMy usual guy’s on the other side of town thoughAnd unfortunately I don’t have time to drive around, SoI dive into the first place that I can findIt’s called “The Man Cave” or […]


Verse 1 It’s been a long week and I’m feeling ruined, I just need an evening’s TV viewingI’m starving but right now cooking is the last thing that I really feel like doingBesides which I think my fridge is empty, I haven’t had any time to go shoppingPop in my head and there’s half an […]