Chorus (Sharleena Ray):

Hey big spenders, I’m sure you know, I don’t, need your charity
But I would love to know what exactly, you would do for me
A little birdy told me you’ve both been askin’, about things in which I might delight
So come on boys, try tickle my fancy, let’s see which of you wets my appetite

Verse 1 (Offbeat):

The minute you walked in the joint, I could tell you were the type of dame
Who liked the nicer things in life and had the most refined of tastes
Fur coats of the highest grade, shades with the designer frames
Handbags you could use to keep your tiny K9 contained
If that’s what it takes to win your heart then you just have to say
Snap your fingers and those things’ll be arriving right away
I’ll supply you with these items every single night and day
I just want to make you mine regardless of the price to pay


The minute he walked in the joint I could hear his boring wheeze
Every word he talked was breeze, leaving women feeling queeze
He’d picked one out seemed to believe she’d be his squeeze if he talked sweet
Without missing a beat I tucked in my shirt and cut in to speak:
Grandad you’ve not got what modern girls need, the fur coat you offered her’s crawling with fleas
I’ve got Gucci, Versace, the hottest DGs, exclusive Ferraris and yachts in the sea
You’ve got dogs in a bag like 2003? Please! What’s next, cassettes and CDs?
Respectfully, you’re no reflection of me, I expect you to check for the exit and leave

Chorus (Sharleena Ray):

Hey big spenders
You think you’re gonna buy my love with diamonds and pearls
But it takes more than riches and splendour
For me to be your girl
I want your time and attention
Won’t you listen to what I say
Give me limitless gratification
All-consuming every day

Verse 2 (Pye):

The minute she walked in the joint she could see the dollar signs
All the men were on her trying to make their heavy wallets light
White collars from the bank emptied out their coffers
But I knew that I could offer things that others couldn’t copy, try
My private island, sailing on the waves by day, followed by
Shanghai to spy the sites by night then we’ve got to fly
A ride to space I’ll place you in the sky like Apollo 9
I will do what it takes, there’s no request that I’ll decline


The minute I walked in the joint, I could see this chancer trying his luck
Eyeing her up and thinking the key to heart’s as simple as buying her stuff
It’s not but if it was you wouldn’t have a lot of joy either
You’re unrefined, nouveau riche – I’m Old Money – Floyd Senior
This boy’s eager I’ll give him that, but to win this dame’s affection
It takes more so sit back as I demonstrate, now pay attention
Listen closely to what she requires, TIME is what she truly desires
So on her wrist I’m going to place the finest watch that money can buy her

Chorus (Sharleena Ray):

Hey big spenders, no question – your generosity knows no bounds
But I’m afraid you’ve misunderstood me, so I’m a have to let you both down
See I don’t care about material things and if your money’s young or old
So fellas, better luck next time, (coz) on this occasion, I’ve not been sold

So let me get right to the point
I don’t pop my cork for every man I see
Hey, Big Spenders
Hey, Big Spenders
Hey, Big Spenders
Spend a little time with me