Verse 1

I’m 99 years old and I’m lying in my bed alone
Hanging by a thread, getting ready to be letting go
Death’s already taken everyone I’ve ever known
He’s coming for me next and I can sense that he’s very close
My mind transports me back to my early life
When I was thirties and was certain I was past my prime
I crack a smile as I think about that dumb man
Taking life for granted in the way only the young can
Viewing people in their twenties with jealousy
Not realising I still had my whole life ahead of me
I used to moan and go to the gym reluctantly
Now I’m so weak I can’t even lift a cup of tea
What a luxury when my biggest fears
Were the stray grey hairs that I’d find in my beard…
But now I see, as the end draws nearer
That these years actually were the Golden Era


Don’t wish away the present, living in the past
The time we have is precious and it doesn’t ever last
And one day these moments that you’re letting slip away
Will be the Golden Era that you’re longing to reclaim

Verse 2

I think about my Mum and how I yearn to see her face
To hug her and to smell her perfume when we embrace
To watch Harry Potter and to eat the treats she would bake
To play Scrabble and to send the mean memes I would make
I think about my Stepdad and the times we disagreed
And all the slights that I perceived for not providing what I need
Instead of all the ways in which he helped me to advance
I wish I could say ‘Thank you’ now I’ll never get the chance
I think about my real Dad and how our broken home
Meant that most of our relationship was spoken on the phone
But how I’d always know that would pick up when I’d ring him
Until that one day when he didn’t.
My parents weren’t perfect but they loved me unconditionally
If I could turn the clock back I’d do things differently
Instead of dwelling on what wasn’t so good
I’d ensure I made the most of ‘em while I still could

Verse 3

I think about my wife and all the moments that we shared
But now you’re no longer here and it’s too much for me to bear
You were my lover, companion, my best friend in the world
You were my partner in every single sense of the word
Laughter was the main way that we communicated
We had own language with the slang that we created
It’s true what they say time flies when you’re having fun
Coz I blinked my eyes and that was 50 years of marriage done
I ruminate about the times I got frustrated
Coz you distracted me when I was tryna be creative
All that time I wasted now I’m riddled with regret
Coz I cared more about impressing strangers that I’d never met
But I’d trade it all to wake up next to you one more time
Coz I’ve never felt more lonely now without you by my side
I wish I’d cherished every single second that we had
Coz now you’re gone, and I know, I can never get them back

Verse 4

I’m 99 years old and I’m passing away
My dying wish is to return to the past for a day
Back when my body still had vitality and thrived
When my wife and my friends and family were still alive
And that wish has been granted, coz I am still young and healthy
Despite what our youth-obsessed society might tell me
I’m fortunate enough to have my nearest and dearest
And be able to say “I love you” while they can still hear it
The richest man on Earth is less wealthy than me
Coz all his money still can’t buy what I have for free
But I don’t take it for granted and I’m grateful every day
Coz I know at some point that will no longer be the case
So instead of concentrating on all the things that I lack
I’m trying to be thankful for the bounty that I have
And as I write this track it now never be clearer
That right here, right now is the real Golden Era