Verse 1 (Offbeat):

Well folks let me tell you bout a dame who’s name was Minnie
I met her in a bar while I was sipping on whisky
Never had I seen such a good looking chick
In a red dress with legs that simply wouldn’t quit
I approached and said “Excuse me Miss
But what’s a girl like you doing in a place like this?”
She said “Gin’s the only thing that can set me free
I hate my man but he just won’t let me leave”
She proceeded to explain he was a bloke named Smokey
Who was well known locally for supplying the dope fiends
And that he had a shipment due later that week
That was worth about a cool hundred thou on the streets
And if I could get the dough she could arrange a meet up
And we could bump him off and split the dope between us
I thought about it briefly – a big payload
Plus a damsel in distress how could I say no?



Verse 2 (Smokey / Pye):

Well folks let me tell you ‘bout a dame named Minnie
I met her on the streets frail, pale and skinny
I took her in and fed her, gave her clothes and cheddar
And said a girl like you could do so much better
So now she loves me, totally devoted
When I dally with other broads she don’t even notice
But I love baby and I always put my trust in her
Like The other day when she found me a new customer
Some sucker that she met in a bar she frequented
Who had 100 large and was looking to spend it
So Minnie convinced him to make an investment
Then came to me and made a suggestion
If I got the dope she could arrange a meet up
Then we could bump him off and split the dough between us
I’ve brought my knife so if this guy can die right
The by night I’ll skip town and go live the high life



Verse 3 (Minnie/Sharleena Ray):

Well folks let me tell you all about me
My whole life men have done nothing but doubt me
They treat me like I’m weak because I’m a dame
And when I met these two chumps they were exactly the same
I’ve had it up to here with all the male oppression
So I dreamed up a scheme to teach them a lesson
They took each other out precisely as planned
And now I got the dope and the hundred grand

Skibbidy-boop Skibbidy-boop Skibbidy-Skibbidy-Skibbidy-boop
(Skibbidy-boop Skibbidy-boop Skibbidy-Skibbidy-Skibbidy-boop)

Outro (Minnie/Sharleena Ray):

Poor men, poor men, poor meeeeeeeeeeeen