The Early Years (Digital)


Bonus album of early and unreleased content.

Only available as part of ‘The Everything Bundle’

Contains the following:

From the Ground Up Recording Session (2004)

2x solo recordings from 2004 when I was just 18! Not the best quality but an interesting insight into my very earliest material.

  1. From the Ground Up Freestyle
  2. Remote Control

The Breadwinners – Born & Bread E.P (2004)

Collaborative E.P with teenage rhyming partner Fenetik as duo ‘The Breadwinners’.

  1. Winner Takes All
  2. Breaducation
  3. Slime
  4. Nothing Personal
  5. A Night to Remember
  6. Last Laugh

Offbeat Demo (2013)

Demo E.P that I recorded when I returned to music after a 10 year hiatus, prior to recording my first official release ‘Peoplewatching’.

  1. Friends
  2. Money
  3. Second Chance (early draft version)
  4. My City