Tis The Season

Verse 1: January is the month we dedicate to fitness Coz everybody feels fat and guilty after Christmas – So we sell ‘em memberships to gyms and all the kit And they go once or twice but in a month’s time they all quit February is a month that’s wonderful for us Coz Valentines Day […]

The Talk

Verse 1 Girl: Hey, can we talk a minute? Offbeat: Yeah what’s up? Girl: Um, just sit down a sec… We’ve been dating for a while now, a good six weeks or so And I wanna know where you think that this gonna go Offbeat: Yeah… I had a feeling that you might do I […]

Same, Old

Verse 1 My folks broke up when I was 10 My mum met another bloke and got married again We left our home in the city where we’d previously lived And moved house to a little town out in the sticks Even though I missed my friends I liked it at first You could leave […]

Peter F Pan

Verse 1 I know what you’re thinking, from the instant that I step in the door You’re sniffing around to try and make sure my life isn’t better than yours The first thing you ask me… is what am I doing for work these days I say a bit of this and that, whatever it […]

My Gym

Chorus Welcome to the gym come take a wander with me There’s a few of the members that I want you to meet And if you’re wondering where it is you’ve seen em before It’s in every other gym that you’ve probably been Verse 1 Every gym I’ve been to contains the same characters I […]

Modern Man

Verse 1 I’m a pretty capable guy in most aspects of my life I can cook, clean and do what it takes to survive But there’s one area where I could be whole lot better And that’s doing anything practical whatsoever The kind of jobs you’d classify as “real man stuff” Anything involving tools, wood, […]

It’s Hard

You know, a lot of people say they like my music Because it isn’t all guns and bitches and hoes But they’ll never know the pain Of growing up as a Hip Hop fan In the most un-ghetto place in the entire world Verse 1 Long before the days of Spotify and Tidal Ice-T, Snoop […]

I’m Late

Verse 1 Let me tell you all about a problem of mine And how hard I find arriving at places on time Coz no matter when I leave to reach my destination The journey always exceeds my estimation I don’t ever mean to be tardy on purpose I just get distracted by things that seem […]

Hole In My Pocket

Verse 1 It’s the night before payday and all through the house The only thing stirring is my finger on the mouse Of my online banking clicking re-fresh To see if my wages have been received yet I’ve been waiting for this day for what seems like an age Coz last month I went out […]

Even The Score

Verse 1 I was sat in a room with a record executive With pen and a chequebook there next to him He told me “Kid I think you’ve got what it takes” And with my help you could be one of the greats Here’s the contract all you gotta do is sign it” I replied […]