Golden Era

Verse 1 I’m 99 years old and I’m lying in my bed aloneHanging by a thread, getting ready to be letting goDeath’s already taken everyone I’ve ever knownHe’s coming for me next and I can sense that he’s very closeMy mind transports me back to my early lifeWhen I was thirties and was certain I […]

More of the Same (Same Old 2)

Verse 1 I left home at the age of 19And moved to the city to follow my dreamsIt wasn’t the capital, but was way biggerThan where I came from that drained people of vigourI figured I’d work as a Graphic DesignerTil I blew up as a rapper and rhymerBut finding a job was harder than […]

A Little Off The Top

Verse 1: It’s date night, but I’m running late so I’m quite stressedPlus I need a trim coz my hair is right messMy usual guy’s on the other side of town thoughAnd unfortunately I don’t have time to drive around, SoI dive into the first place that I can findIt’s called “The Man Cave” or […]


Verse 1 It’s been a long week and I’m feeling ruined, I just need an evening’s TV viewingI’m starving but right now cooking is the last thing that I really feel like doingBesides which I think my fridge is empty, I haven’t had any time to go shoppingPop in my head and there’s half an […]

I Think My Girlfriend Is A Serial Killer!

Verse 1 My girl is one of the nicest people you’re ever likely to meetEverybody’s in agreement she’s kindhearted and sweetAt least that how it seems on the surface, but recently I’ve learnedSome things about her which I find deeply disturbingShe’s addicted to shows about serial killersEverybody from Jeffrey Dahrmer to Jack the RipperI’m tryna […]

Mr Hustle

Intro: Hustle hustle hard, hustle hard, hustle hustle hardHustle hustle hard, hustle hard, hustle hustle hardHustle hustle hard, hustle hard, hustle hustle hardHustle hustle hard, hustle hard… Verse 1: Rise and grind, seize the day, punch it in the freaking face5am Club? Piece of cake. I’m up at 4 – you’re sleeping lateI can do […]


Intro: Now pay attention and listen real closely, how we break this slang thing down… Verse 1 (Offbeat): Yo check it, my moonshine is my spiritA Blind Tiger or Pig isA bar which is illicitAnd no I don’t mean a lyric that has bannedOn the run is the lamMoney is clams and grummy is sadAlso […]

Swing Swing Swing

Intro We interrupt this broadcast to bring you some breaking news – The Swinghoppers are on the loose! If you see them, do not approach them. They’re known to be armed and extremely dangerous! Chorus: x2 Swing Swing Swing SwingEverybody start to SwingLa-di-da, whoa-oh-ohThat’s the way that the Hoppers roll Verse 1 Offbeat: Well it’s […]

S Gon’ Give It To Ya

Intro (Offbeat/The Swingpin): Now don’t get it twisted…This Swing Hop thing… is ours!Forget what you heard! It’s what ya hearin’ (Listen)It’s what ya hearin’ (Listen)It’s what ya hearin’ (Listen)It’s what ya hearin’ (Listen)It’s what ya hearin’ (Listen) Yo! First we gonna SWING then we gonna HOPThen we going straight to the TOP TOP TOPS gon’ […]

Big Spender

Chorus (Sharleena Ray): Hey big spenders, I’m sure you know, I don’t, need your charityBut I would love to know what exactly, you would do for meA little birdy told me you’ve both been askin’, about things in which I might delightSo come on boys, try tickle my fancy, let’s see which of you wets […]